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Trump considered making a deal with Julian Assange at one point #ProtectJulian

Please donate to the Chelsea Manning defence fund – https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/chelsea-manning-needs-legal-funds-to-resist-a-grand-jury-subpoena Please

TOP STORIES: Bernie Sanders, Venezuela, Yellow Vest France (Common Thread)

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#Unity4J – German MPs talk to media following visit to Julian Assange in Dec 2018

Transcript of full conversation in video (above): https://unity4j.com/de-mp-visit. German MPs, Sevim

Rep. Dan Crenshaw: The Conversation Around the Border Wall is So Toxic | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Mark McKinnon sits with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R, TX) and former

Ivanka was mocked on Twitter after calling Donald Trump's Admin Is 'Driver for Science'

#ivankatrump #ivankanews #trumpnews A simple retweet on Thursday from Ivanka Trump,

Mitch McConnell Reeling After Being Forced Into Allowing Vote On New Democratic Plan

Mitch McConnell Reeling After Being Forced Into Allowing Vote On New

Rep. Jim McGovern Reacts to Trump's National Emergency Declaration | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Alex Wagner meets with Rep. Jim McGovern (D, MA), the Democratic

Bill Weld First Republican to Challenge Trump for Presidency | BONUS Clip | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Bonus Scene. Mark McKinnon catches up with Bill Weld, former Republican

Unity4J Vigil 17 – Julian Assange WILL NOT receive a fair trial in the U.S.

Joe Lauria (https://consortiumnews.com/) interviews John Kiriakou about what will happen to
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