Stephen Colbert Shows Bernie Sanders the Door

Stephen Colbert Shows Bernie Sanders the Door

It’s been over two months since Stephen Colbert drew out his Hunger Games-motivated character to send off the final adversary to Donald Trump on the Republican side of the 2016 race. Keeping in mind we have known who the general race hopeful will be for quite a while, Bernie Sanders at long last made it official on Tuesday when he not exactly excitedly supported Hillary Clinton.

"Unfortunately, today, we lost the most daring tribute of all," Colbert said. "A man we really lost months prior, however who gallantly continued imagining not to be dead."

The host said it helped him to remember "another man who constrained himself to embrace a royal celebration with expectations of recuperating a fracture" before slicing to a clasp of Ned Stark pronouncing Joffrey Baratheon the genuine beneficiary to the Iron Throne.

"You’ll see the trademark on the platform was ‘More grounded Together,’ in light of the fact that Bernie rejected Hillary’s unique thought: ‘It’s about fucking time,’" Colbert included. What’s more, since Sanders was a "commendable enemy" of the first class, the host continued to eat the Vermont representative’s name in caviar.

"From the earliest starting point, Sanders’ crusade was astounding," Colbert said when he was done. "The principal comment, obviously, ‘Who is Bernie Sanders?’ Because back in April of 2015, Bernie reported his bid to a little group, and half of them thought he was the educator for kendo in the recreation center."

He wondered about the way that Sanders "some way or another got to be well known with his stage of giving everybody all that they need" and in the process "energized youthful voters with his unadulterated sex offer."

"At last," Colbert closed, "Bernie got more than 12 million votes and won 22 states, and he stayed in the race so long in the wake of being scientifically wiped out, that he likewise won the condition of refusal."


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