President Trump And Melania Humiliate Obama By Announcing First Steps To Aid Texas

President Trump And Melania Humiliate Obama By Announcing First Steps To Aid Texas

The people of Texas have had a devastating week, to say the least, as they continue to try to survive the category 4 Hurricane Harvey that is underway. President Donald Trump has already announced the first steps that he and First Lady Melania Trump will make following the tragedy, which is the fast action that we never saw out of our former President Barack Obama.

President Donald Trump has planned his first trip with First Lady Melania Trump to Texas following Hurricane Harvey and its record breaking floods. Rumors of President Trump sending his personal aid were unable to linger long enough before Trump himself sent out a personal message confirming that he would give his undivided support. President Trump sent out a Tweet announcing the first family’s visit “as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption,” making it clear he is eager to give all the support he can as long as it does not interfere with rescue efforts.

According to ABC News, “In an interview on ABC News’ ‘This Week,’ Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert elaborated on the president’s tweet Sunday saying that Trump ‘doesn’t want to get in the way’ of the relief efforts. The forecast track shows Harvey heading back toward the coastline and interacting with the warm waters of the Gulf Coast early next week. This means areas that were already hit hard along the Texas coast should expect even more rain and wind, setting the stage for potentially catastrophic flooding. The storm is an evolving system, and its track could change.”

It is very reassuring to finally have a President who’s priorities are his country’s best interests and not his own. When the tropical Hurricane Wilma hit the Florida regions back in 2015, Barack Obama took his sweet time to lend a hand, and when Texas had their wild fires, it took him three months to declare it a disaster.

It was as if Obama was annoyed that he had to postpone a round of golf to pick up his Presidential duties to make a statement to those affected. Instead, President Trump is putting the needs of the victims first. Trump has sent out numerous messages on actions he wants to take to help, making it clear that Texas locals will receive all the government help necessary.

The Hill reported, “First lady Melania Trump will join President Trump this week during his visit to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The president is expected to visit Texas on Tuesday amid ongoing recovery efforts.”

The drastic difference of character and principles between our former President and our current President are unbelievable. President Donald Trump truly cares about the American people and is swift to act on any occasion. His high hopes to get the people of Texas as fast of a recovery as possible from the stormy disaster is what we all need in a President.

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