Miracles for Donald #Trump2016 2of2

Yahweh-Jesus BLGM consecrated Russia on September 9th 2015, 2 days later 111 people were dead after diggers found the box The Ark of Gabriel, then 13 days later 4000 Muslims at the Hajj dropped dead when for a second time they tried to move the Ark of Gabriel. September 30th Russia begins it’s campaign to annihilate the Israeli, USA KSA Turkey UK created ISIS and does so efficiently without the help of any other than the Syrian Army.

The men of Syria today are the re-incarnated men of Nineveh who as Jesus Yah promised would rise to condemn the evil generation of the Jews who called themselves Jews and were not then who are back today in the Leaders of Israel and the NATO countries including the USA under Clinton Bush and Obama who is Satan….Yahweh has been with Bashar Assad from the beginning and it is time for the western leaders to get off their train of destruction for the Lord God Almighty has been back since his re-birth on January 11th 1944 at 2:22am into Sydney Australia which is Ephraim or Bethlehem today.

The biggest lie ever told is that Jesus is a Jew, no he was and is an Essene from the ancient Way, Truth and Life from Enoch who was taken up to be with God, his great grandson was the righteous Noah the father of Shem which is Sem in the Greek concordance, the father of the white races of Europe UK America and Australia, we are the Semites and the Jews who call themselves and are not have been deluded by their own false teachers the Talmudic Rabbis of liars and murderers from the beginning for they are the sons of Cain condemned by Yah as Jesus just read John 8:44…NOTHING has changed He condemns them still and the leaders of the nations are in His JUDGEMENT sand nobody likes the Judge, he has a habit of saying “YOU”RE FIRED”, Donald Trump is just following his orders …ask him…it is all in the numbers..that is how God communicates….

All that Donald Trump and his supporters need to do now is to awaken from the greatest lie ever told and they will truly be walking in the Light of Yah and be the administration that overturns the gross darkness of the years under the Synagogue of Satan which has engulfed the Earth because America the Land of the Free has been infiltrated by it from it’s beginning.

Evil will only prevail when good men do nothing, and that has been the case until March 12th 2013 when Pope Benedict XVI announced to the world he had been communicating with the Lord Jesus Christ Salvator Mundi Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall YHWH, the Messiah whose Image he left behind on the Shroud of Turin because he promised us that were with him in 33AD, “the pure in heart shall see God”…The blatantly obvious for the pure in heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIVJ0…

Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Letter released to the world March 26th 2013 which has cost the lives of at least 3 of Benedict’s staff Francis is the Antichrist…..

Roman Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI Apostolic Letter download and share – https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrch9lj4at43dj9/Roman%20Pontiff%20Emeritus%20Benedict%20XVI%20Apostolic%20Letter%20Signed.pdf?dl=0

Vatican III – https://www.dropbox.com/s/gsb3x815qd4g0zv/Vatican%20III.pdf?dl=0


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