Look What Was Just Spotted Inside Hillary Clinton’s ‘Little Farmhouse’ That PROVES One Thing

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Look What Was Just Spotted Inside Hillary Clinton’s ‘Little Farmhouse’ In New York That PROVES One Thing

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Equality, socialism, higher taxes for the top 1% and free stuff for everybody were all mantras of the Clinton 2.0 Presidental campaign. Given, I’m loosely translating a couple of those, but I’m trying to cut through some of the crap for you and tell you what she was really about. Many of those things sound great, I mean we’d all like to pay a little less in taxes, and it seems like those who have it all should pay more.But for all their “rich people” bashing and talk of evil big business, the Clintons do pretty well for themselves. I guess in their book you’re only smart if you make your millions off the hard work of the taxpayers, not actually running your own business. The Clintons have flaunted their wealth in a few different ways, but a closer look at some of their real estate should give you a pretty good look at what you and I have bought the former first family.As much as they try to make it sound like they’re just a normal American family that wants to work as public servants, they sure do like their fancy pads. Here are a few details about their “little farmhouse” in New York.Via Patriot Beacon:“During her failed presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton claimed to be an everywoman who had a ‘little farmhouse’ in New York. Clinton’s farmhouse is anything but modest as she tries to portray it to be.
‘I will sometimes work on [the book] for a couple of hours. I have a little writing area in the attic of our little farmhouse. We live about 50 minutes north of here,’ Clinton recently said, according to Conservative Fighters.In reality, this ‘little farmhouse’ is a five bedroom, $1.7 million mansion that is equipped with 4 baths, an in ground pool and 5,232 square feet of living space. It is located in Westchester County, one of the most expensive communities in the U.S.”


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