Las Vegas Shooting and Gun Control Madness

How the Las Vegas Shooting Reveals that Guns for Gov and Not For Me is NOT going to protect you
As I write this article, the news about the details surrounding the horrific Las Vegas shooting that left at least 68 dead and over 400 wounded is still shifting.  We know the name of the gunman.  We know he used at least one rifle with what appears to be full auto capacity, possibly more.  We know he had 8-10 guns in the hotel room from where he opened fire on a Country music concert.

Beyond that, the details keep shifting and the claims of one hour become the myths of the next hour.  Originally, I fully intended on writing an article about the details of the shooting, what was known, and what might come as a result of this shooting, but my focus has shifted to the callous, calculated, blood-thirsty tactics of just a few key politicians, who are, I can assure you, very representative of the overall reaction from the crowd of sycophants and boot lickers I call, simply, the gun grabbers.

This article was written because, rather than let the family and friends of the dead mourn, rather than let the nation take in this terrible tragedy, the gun grabbers decided to aggressively, militantly, go on the offensive in an effort to trigger action that could have powerful consequences on anyone who values what little liberties still remain in the alleged land of the free.

This article is a counter to the poison pill being pushed by the haters of liberty, the anti-human, anti-freedom government-thug wanna-be’s that are the self-righteous, smug, and far-more-dangerous-than ISIS or Antifa Cretans that comprise the gun grabber club.
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