Huge Company Announces It Will “Lead The Resistance” Against President Trump

Huge Company Announces It Will “Lead The Resistance” Against President Trump

Instead of getting behind democratically elected President Donald Trump and his bold vision for restoring America’s economy to its former greatness, some businesses run by liberals are foolishly taking potshots at Trump at their own expense.

One popular company just took it a step further when its CEO announced that she was promising her whole company would help lead the “resistance” against President Trump.
Outdoor clothing a sportswear company Patagonia, which is based in business-unfriendly California, is dedicating itself to fighting against President Trump. Its CEO Rose Marcario is reportedly unhappy that Trump is reevaluating all the bogus “national monuments” former President Obama used an outdated 1906 law to create as part of a federal land grab.

Said Marcario, “A president does not have the authority to rescind a national monument. An attempt to change the boundaries ignores the review process of cultural and historical characteristics and the public input.”

Continued Rose, “We have to fight like hell to keep every inch of public land. I don’t have a lot of faith in politics and politicians right now.” The company has already donated more than $1 million to oppose Trump and Trump-backed politicians. Some are seeing this as a diversion tactic for the company after it was caught using child labor overseas to manufacture its garments. Will you boycott Patagonia?


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