Hillary Clinton’s Emails & Libya will kill her campaign in the general: Consider Bernie Sanders

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How many civilians were ‘harmed’ by Gadaffi in the run up to your bombardment: 100? 200?
And how many since? 1 million ? 2 million? In fact the whole nation has been irreparably harmed. Its treasures looted, its synagogues and mosques vandalized.



March 18 2011: Refuses to take call from Saif Gaddafi.
Convinces Obama against opposition of Gates and Biden to intervene militarily,
Orders Libyans to alter congress after vote 80/20 moderates – hard liners, to increase hard liner representation to 50/50
Conspires to funnel weapons into Libya from Qatar.
Benghazi : CIA scuttles out of their holes. What were they doing there?
The US of a private email server is in itself disqualifying
The whole thing stinks of a lack of accountability of an impunity.
What was the initial uprising like? I don’t know.
Accusations of aerial attacks against civilians unfounded
Viagra rape unfounded
1000s of rapes unfounded.
The country bombed and destroyed.
But no accountability for these false claims – which are attached to the UN resolution.
Every previous member of the Libyan Government alive issued arrest warrants on trumped up charges by Interpol and the International Criminal Court.
What a sweeping operation.
The progresssive voices silent. Democracy Now silent. Rachel Maddow calling for war. Jon Stewart celebrating.
And we learn recently that boys held in Gaddafi’s home town are being sodomized by the Islamic State. An even more virulent group than the Al Qaeda Gaddafi warned would take over Libya, was trying to take over Libya.
Private unaccountable prisons all over the country where weekly people are dragged out dead.
All the atrocities they claimed were happening to intervene were false. But the intervention itself brought on horrors far worse than anyone could imagine.

Imagine having made the case to bomb Libya and actually having foretold what would come to pass. And the terrible irony is their were such voices. Voices like mine, like Dennis Kucinich. But it was indeed like crickets.

Then only after Gaddafi’s death did the BBC start to release, at least so it seemed the many problems with the Lockerbie case. The payoffs. The tampered evidence. The break in at heathrow airport which destroyed the entire linkage to Libya.

Tommorow if we don’t do anything she will ascend to the throne of the American Empire. Dripping in blood, and laughing with impunity.

Contents of the emails:

Democracy Now on Clinton & Libya


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