The corrupt history of Hillary Rodham Clinton through her career serving as First Lady and a politician censored by the Main Stream Media.
“The Biggest Campaign Finance Fraud In The History of the United States” 3:47
Video Evidence of Two Criminal Offenses Committed by Senator Hillary Clinton 6:47
Peter F. Paul Undergoes a Polygraph Test by Examiner Ray Ezell 12:49
Is Hillary The Most Qualified To Run For President? 16:24
A Broken Promise To Add 200,000 Jobs For Up-State New York 18:09
New York Constituents Not Pleased With Senator Hillary Clinton 20:07
Socialized Health Care Failure 20:59
Hillary Lies On The Iraq War Decision 27:41
The Clinton’s Fake Relationship [Indicative To Public Perception] 35:06
8-10 Unheeded Viable Opportunities To Capture and/or Kill Osama Bin Laden 36:06
“The Path To 9/11” Movie Targeted by Clinton 37:15
Former Clinton National Security Advisor Plead Guilty To Stealing & Destroying Highly Classified 9/11 Documents 41:23
2 Million Pages of Public Records Covering Hillary’s Years in the White House Locked Away in Clinton Library 45:24
20 January 2001: President Clinton Pardoned 140 Federal Criminals On His Last Day In Office 47:20
24 January 1975: FALN Terrorist Organization Bombing In Manhattan & President Clinton’s Clemency 49:07


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