For Bernie Sanders Socialism is YUGE.

BERNIE Sanders defines Socialism and Democratic Socialism. he also tells us how many angels can dance on the head of a needle.
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders put in a guest appearance on tonight’s Larry David-hosted Saturday Night Live. First came a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style sketch that featured David reprising as Sanders on the campaign trail but morphing back into Cranky Larry (he refuses to shake the hand of a voter who’s just coughed into it, for one). That was followed by a seaborne bit in which David played the captain of a sinking steamship who’s reluctant to let women and children board lifeboats because he’s richer than all of them. Up popped Sanders in immigrant mufti to accuse the captain of saving the 1 percent. “Who are you?” Captain David asked. “Bernie Sanderswitsky,” the Senator replied. “But when we get to America, we’re changing it to Sanders — so it doesn’t sound so Jewish.” “Yeah, that’ll trick ’em,” the captain replied. They even managed to slip in a few Donald Trump “Yuuuuuge“-isms.

Dr. Ben CarsonThe evening also featured some fancy footwork on the part of Weekend Update, which opened with an actual breaking story — the comic debacle of the beginning of the evening’s ABCNews co-sponsored Republican candidates’ debate in which Dr. Ben Carson missed his entrance and stood blankly in the wings as Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush rushed past him to the stage. Here’e’s the link:


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