Eric Trump Breaks His Silence, Drops TRUTH BOMB About President Trump – JAWS ARE DROPPING

Eric Trump Breaks His Silence, Drops TRUTH BOMB About President Trump – JAWS ARE DROPPING

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For nearly two weeks, President Donald Trump has been traveling abroad, meeting with officials and heads of state throughout Europe and the Middle East.

And while multiple media outlets have found a whole host of reasons to criticize the president’s — and first lady’s — actions overseas, the president himself has called the trip a success.

President Trump said on Twitter: Just returned from Europe. Trip was a great success for America. Hard work but big results!

And First Son Eric Trump, who took a walk at the Trump National Golf Club with Jesse Watters of “Watters World” on Fox News, couldn’t agree more:

“He did so well. Just the images — when he arrived in Saudi Arabia and the respect they gave him. You know, one of the things I always talked about on the campaign trail was the lack of respect that we were receiving around the world. I see it all the time, in tons and tons of different countries, they just didn’t respect America for a long time.”
Trump mentioned his father’s visits to Israel (“one of our greatest allies”) and the Vatican, noting that the reception was just different now.

But the most damning statement came at the very beginning of the interview when Trump called the Russian investigation “a hoax”:

“It’s a witch hunt. It’s nonsense. It’s really insane.

Listen, there was a political party that got beaten very badly by a man who came out of nowhere, who every body wrote off, who everybody gave no chance to…

They outspent us seven to one, and he won. There’s some pretty disappointed people out there, so they want to further a narrative for their own political agenda…”

And that’s when he dropped the hammer: “I really believe that they would rather see this country fail than see him succeed.”


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