Earth To Bernie Sanders: You Are Our Exclusive Trust

Earth To Bernie Sanders: You Are Our Exclusive Trust

In the tight race amongst Sanders and Clinton, it is the superdelegates who will choose who the Fair chosen one is. Yet, there’s one ultra-superdelegate that hasn’t said something yet: the Earth.

Without a doubt, the Earth isn’t a man, however nor are partnerships, yet they are considered individuals by the U.S. Preeminent Court, permitting them to purchase government officials and impact races. So why can’t the Earth have its say?

It might appear to be weird for a Canadian who works in the cargo business to ring in on the World’s point of view of the U.S. presidential decision, yet listen to me.

My significant other and I run an innovation startup making delivering more productive while lessening emanations from cargo transportation. A month ago we were regarded to share our vision of a green future for cargo in the G7 Summit distribution, Environmental Change: The New Economy.

On a more individual note, we moved to Vancouver, Canada from sunny California in 2003 to make tracks in an opposite direction from ground-level ozone contamination that was bringing on serious asthma in our child. Some of our companions thought we were "Shrub dodgers", however truth be told we were natural exiles.

The Earth surely doesn’t favor of environmental change-denier, Donald Trump. We don’t need that exchange. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about Hillary Clinton?

I trust the Earth was satisfied to see Sanders push Hillary Clinton left on ecological issues amid the Law based open deliberations. He made her flip-flop on her positions on the TPP and fracking. In any case, considering she advanced both around the globe, and transformed her position on atomic vitality a few times, the Earth took her new "positions" with a grain of ocean salt.

And after that there was that time last November when Clinton said she’d get rid of the coal business if chose president, just to withdraw that announcement 6 months after the fact. Simply hold up until she secures the selection and begins moving further right.

Likewise, remember that Greenpeace has reported "the battle to choose Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 has gotten more than $6.9 million from lobbyists, bundlers, and expansive benefactors associated with the fossil fuel industry." They unquestionably expect something consequently.

To exacerbate matters, the US military is in charge of the biggest and most intolerable contamination of the planet. The New York Times might want to remind us, natives of Earth, that Clinton is the main genuine militarist left in the race, outranking Trump.

So without zooming into subtle elements of Bernie Sander’s initiative in the battle against the Cornerstone Pipeline, his hostile to war and against atomic positions or his broad arrangements to battle the fossil fuel industry and put resources into perfect, economical vitality, it does not shock anyone that the Earth might want to formally embrace Bernie Sanders as the President of the Assembled States.


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