Donald Trump is not Hitler – US Presidential Election, 2016 (Pt. 3)

Donald Trump is a racist, sure, but America today is a far cry from post-World War I Germany. An introduction to the most unique major candidate of the 2016 cycle.

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Source Material

Donald Trump’s Statement on Banning Muslims

Donald Trump Vs. Adolf Hitler (The Indian Panorama)

Most of us are Nazis (San Francisco Examiner)

Is Donald Trump Getting His Cues from Hitler? How the GOP Leader is Following the Führer’s Recipe (Alternet)

Donald Trump Shrugs Off Hitler Comparison (ABC News)

“World War 1 in Colour – Ep. 1 – Catastrophe

The Treaty of Versailles (Original Footage)

Battle of the Somme – Real Footage

Turning Points in History – Industrial Revolution

The Depression and Germany

Stock Market Crash 1929

Hitler’s First Speech as Chancellor of Germany (RARE FOOTAGE)

Filip’s Response

Chaotic Neutral Archetype

My Donald Trump Conspiracy Theory

Racism is Alive and Well: 35 Incredibly Racist Anti-Obama Images

Anti-Obama Signs

Trump’s Presidential Announcement: “I will build a great, great wall”

Brokered Convention (Wikipedia)

Trump Face


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