Donald Trump Documentary Full 2016 | Donald Trump For President 2016 | Donald Trump

Donald Trump Documentary Full 2016 | Donald Trump For President 2016 | Donald Trump
Donald Trump Documentary Full 2016 | Donald Trump For President 2016 | Donald Trump

Name: Our Dear Leader Donald Trump – A regular person with their own life impairments watches Donald Trump and his campaign to become a U.S president.

A comical regular guy into acting and learning about how to better express himself better in life, but with learning and communication impairments decides to comment on all of the stuff he seen about Donald Trump(up to this point). The person believes Donald Trump is a very offensive individual, so he creates a video he believes is a Documentary commenting on some of the things people should be aware about Donald Trump running for president. This Documentary shows the guy’s setbacks in trying to make a semi armature somehow functional documentary about Donald Trump vs Donald Trump’s stupidity to actually try to make it to president… You will have to decide for yourself in this little wild real life ride of a man trying to represent a nation along with all of his antic..Donald Trump. We will see what this challenged regular Joe has to say about Trump.

This is a video made with good coverage on the first stages of Donald Trump’s U.S Presidential Campaign. It uses many different clips and examples under fair use to educate the public and bring awareness to this mans sort of past criminal public behaviour that has been actually terrorizing some communities of different ethnicity in the U.S for decades now. As for international concerns Scotland would be a good example with Trump’s “Luxury Golf Course” built over peoples beautiful land and homes he called slums.. where some shady situations took place.

Also this video brings to light real slave conditions and people who bare the title of a “Slave” all around the world. Keep in mind that not everything is what it seems in life. This video is of course only expressing the freedom of expression, and as well fair awareness to what is happening in your world right now as you read this in the comfort of your inhabitants.. How peoples life is effected by the good and bad decisions politicians and business makes, and why it is our duty as people in North America to be aware of these things, or at least have a standard in that awareness.

Thank you all for watching this unique and unorthodox Documentary that has some good insight on this man. Remember this is our human ability and natural right to express your self and talk, be aware of current events so long as you are not becoming part of the current problems by hurting others with the words you use. … Something Donald Trump should have more education in.

Peoples lives are not nickles and dimes for extra cocktails in the afternoon.

This film is legitimately under fair use as Education, Criticism, News, Parody all directly relating to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and other topics relating bad politics. Ran by terrible politicians supported by corporations who help them take power for their own personal gain. Individuals with the same personality and excuses as Donald Trump have been known for now a long time.

Music: Violin of Violence , Corner Side Theater, and the rest what is ever on the clips for commentary like the theme for the “Trump Gonna Make America Great Again”Presidential Campaign video’s voice was actually a full parody re-edited.

Presentation Directed by: …. person with real life impairments, but decided to try to contribute… because Donald Trump sure is not…


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