Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash at GOP Presidential Debate

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash at GOP Presidential Debate
That gop debate was a hot one. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz neck and neck two weeks ahead of the first votes in Iowa and they went at it last night. The others fighting to break out and ABC’s Tom llamas was there in Charleston for all of it. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: George, good morning to you. What a night. The two front-runners wasted no time going at it. Senator Ted Cruz standing his ground accusing Donald Trump of manufacturing that birther controversy but Donald Trump saying with Ted Cruz, there’s serious problems for the gop. Overnight, a clash of titans at the republican debate. Donald Trump and senator Ted Cruz once allies rumbling on stage. There’s a big question mark on your head. Reporter: Trump ordering Cruz to get a court order to show he’s eligible to run for president since Cruz was born in Canada. Cruz painting trump as a natural born politician. You know, back in September, my friend Donald said he had had his lawyers look at 24 from every which way and there was no issue there. The constitution hasn’t changed. But the poll Numbers have. Reporter: Cruz saying extreme birther arguments would eliminate several candidates, even trump. Done nalgd’s mother’s was born in Scotland. She was naturalized. Now Donald — But I was born here. Reporter: Some candidates growing frustrated. I hate to interrupt this episode of “Court TV.” Reporter: Senator Rubio clashed with governor Chris Christie over his record in new Jersey. Unfortunately, governor Christie has endorsed many of the ideas that Barack Obama supports. Christie not letting Rubio interrupt him. You had your chance. You blew it. Reporter: All the republicans taking shots at Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton would be a national security disaster. Hillary Clinton cannot be president. If we elect Hillary Clinton the next four years will be worse than the last eight. Reporter: But Cruz and trump weren’t done later


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