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TOP STORIES: Bernie Sanders, Venezuela, Yellow Vest France (Common Thread)

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw: The Conversation Around the Border Wall is So Toxic | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Mark McKinnon sits with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R, TX) and former

Rep. Jim McGovern Reacts to Trump's National Emergency Declaration | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Alex Wagner meets with Rep. Jim McGovern (D, MA), the Democratic

Bill Weld First Republican to Challenge Trump for Presidency | BONUS Clip | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

Bonus Scene. Mark McKinnon catches up with Bill Weld, former Republican

Alec Baldwin criticizes Trump after he demands 'retribution' for SNL

alec_baldwin #donald_trump #snl Alec Baldwin appeared to accuse President Trump of


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SerialBrain2 – Trump’s SOTU Address: an amazing speech, a necklace and a secret in plain sight.

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Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal Under Investigation – 2 Tiered Justice

US Department of Justice opened investigation into Alex Acosta’s negotiation of

SerialBrain2 – The NO CAVE Strategy: How Trump played Nancy, Chuck and the Deep State.

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Obama Won’t Back Biden for 2020: Waits to REGAIN HIS POWER BACK? Obama Keeps Throwing Cold Water On Biden’s Presidential Aspirations Uh-Oh:
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