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Internet ERUPTS After Hillary Starts Violently Doing This During Opening Night Of Clinton Tour

Breaking news Internet ERUPTS After Hillary Starts Violently Doing This During

(Verbinde die Punkte) 28_11 Desinformation

Eine aktuelle Presseschau für den interessierten Beobachter des globalen Wandels. ————————————————————————————————————

Trump made up an additional 100,000 Hillary emails to protect Ivanka

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FAKE NEWS NY Times Smears TRUMP for Requesting CLINTON / COMEY Investigation; “He had no authority”

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Dems Want To Avenge Hillary Email Scandal, Go After Ivanka Trump

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FALSE FLAG ALERT: ‘Bombs’ Over CNN, Soros, Obama, Clinton, Cuomo, Wasserman, Others…

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OMG.!!! Dems turn against Hillary Clinton… You’re the problem

Democrat voters stun CNN when asked if Hillary Clinton is helping

BREAKING Hillary Clinton Loses Security Clearance Amid Email Scandal

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Hillary Clinton is the DEVIL #maga #trump2020

And you wonder why the Democrat part is so violent Hit

Ex-CIA Kevin Shipp Talks Hillary Clinton and Trump – #DeepState

Everyone is complaining about Trump. At least those who want the
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