BREAKING: Kellyanne Reveals Sick Thing Special Counsel Mueller Is Doing to Trump

BREAKING: Kellyanne Reveals Sick Thing Special Counsel Mueller Is Doing to Trump. Should He Be Fired?

Kellyanne Conway is one of the few people in Washington right now who truly has President Trump’s back. She fought like a lion as his campaign manager. Now, as his counselor, she’s exposing the disgusting way Robert Mueller is trying to sabotage our President.

Special Counsel Mueller has assembled a team to investigate supposed Trump-Russia “collusion”. But Kellyanne points out one HUGE detail — the lawyers Mueller has pulled together are loyal Hillary Clinton supporters who donated thousands of dollars to her campaign (via CNN). This is a clearly a set up!

Why? Because, how can the special counsel team be expected to deliver an objective, impartial investigation of Donald Trump when they fought tooth and nail to keep him from getting into the White House less than half a year ago?

So far, Mueller has recruited five lawyers to comprise his team. Three of them have donations records with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The records reveal that each of those three donated big to Democrats — including Hillary Clinton.

In fact, the donations add up to more than $53,000 over the last 30 years. The biggest giver of the bunch is James Quarles, who worked with Mueller at the firm Wilmer Hale. Quarles’ total lifetime donations total $33,000 to candidates like Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama.

Then there’s Jeannie Rhee, who gave the maximum legal campaign amount of $2,700 to the Clinton campaign in 2015 and 2016. That’s in addition to the $7,300 she gave to Obama’s campaigns. Oh, and she’s represented both the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton herself in court.
Finally, there’s Andrew Weissmann, who donated to the Democratic National Committee in 2006 and the Obama campaign in 2008. This special counsel team is looking more and more like a Hillary Clinton fan club!

Kellyanne isn’t the first person to smell something fishy about this special counsel. On Monday, Newt Gingrich warned Republicans to look into the FEC reports of the members of the team. He said it would be “delusional” to assume the counsel will be fair.

But the typical establishment puppets are still praising the special counsel. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) insisted the donation history of these lawyers doesn’t disqualify them. Of course, Graham is a fake conservative who has fought for amnesty and other progressive causes. He’s hated Trump since The Donald cleaned his clock during the Republican primaries.

Robert Mueller has to go. Even putting aside the horrible team he’s put together, Mueller has disqualified himself due to his relationship with James Comey. Mueller and Comey are good friends. And Comey revealed in his testimony before the Senate that he leaked sensitive documents in order to provoke the appointing of a special counsel to investigate Trump — thus enters his good friend, Mueller. I smell a rat!

It is fully within President Trump’s authority to fire Mueller. The man has no place conducting this investigation. He’s a politically-driven opportunist who will use fabricated evidence against President Trump to facilitate his removal from office.

This is all a ploy by the Democrats to discredit and ruin Trump’s presidency. They can’t be allowed to get their way. We the People elected Trump. Now the deep state wants to side-step democracy to oust him. It’s time for Trump to tell Mueller: “You’re fired!”

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