Bernie Sanders LIVE from Modesto, CA – A Future to Believe in Rally – #CaliBERNication

5 Ways America Is Already Socialist

Clinton / Bernie tied in cali
Clinton Cannot Clinch Nomination before Convention, Sanders Says
Fellow Democrats Turn on Clinton
Placebo Ballots: Stealing California From Bernie Using an Old GOP Vote-Snatching Trick
Dems turn on Cinton
Common Sense on the Democratic Presidential Race
For Bernie Sanders fan, it’s personal
Bernie’s Climate Plan
Portlandia has problems too
15 Statistics That Tell the Story of Gun Violence This Year
Sanders Applauds Obama Support for Expanding Social
Offshore Fracking in California ‘Disastrous,’ Sanders Says’
The Race Between Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Isn’t Over Yet
Sanders: DNC vetoed union leader pick for platform committee
Dear Mr. Holder: Why Ed Snowden can’t get a Fair Trial in your National Security State
2016 RSA Student Design Award Winner – Painterly Flow

1.5 C we’re gonna hit it in 5 years.
Jimmy Dore – Alan Grayson – Climate

David Spratt Breakthroughonline
Fuck Fracking
This changes everything
Arctic ice
Global Warming IS the trend
March was hottest on record
The domino effect that we are ignoring.
Great Barrier Reef: devastating images tell story of coral colonies’ destruction

Where there’s methane, we will $$
Rise Up –
Bernie – Be the change
Makana – The Fire is Ours
Bernie You’re the Man – Bruce Murdoch
The revolution


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