Bernie Sanders 39 Hillary Clinton 43 National Poll TODAY: A singular moment in US Political History

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Today, January 11, 2016 may be the most significant moment in American Politics in US History.
A traditionally accurate poll, the International Business Times conducted January 4th to 7th for the first time essentially predicts that Bernie Sanders is as likely as anyone to be sitting in the Oval Office on January 6, 2017. Bernie Sanders will be the first truly left leaning antiestablishment in American History.
Bernie Sanders comes from nowhere. He does not come from a prestigious family, like the Kennedy’s or the Bushes, or the Roosevelts. He is not particularly well connected with the top circles of American Society, though serving in Congress 25 years will get you invited to a lot of parties, but he didn’t go to them! He was an I, and he didn’t like schmoozing with lobbyists at 1,000 a plate galas.
We may have to go back to Tom Payne to find a comparable man. Of course if he falters, then he may be compared to Eugene V Debs. But Bernie Sanders single handedly forced the US to do one simple thing: To compare itself to other nations and have the courage to get angry on behalf of the middle class and the poor.
The poll that came out today shows Bernie Sanders at 39-43 against Clinton. This has all been about trajectory and this tightening essentially changes everything. On a time line, time is now very much against Clinton. For those Republicans who have served in Congress, Sanders should be able to beat them on their voting records, which represent a PRE-SANDERS way of thinking. In other words votes which they once might have thought of as non issues, will suddenly haunt them, as big government is no longer unfashionable. People are willing to give the Government a chance at national healthcare and national universities we 100% support. Many of us are pragmatic: A libertarian solution or anarchist solution might provide university that all can truly participate in through local private philanthropic self organizing, or coops. I still believe in such things. But we haven’t delivered the libertarian or communitarian solution on a scale adequate to halt this train. So people will accept the inefficiencies of a federal program in exchange for pulling the trigger and making it happen, and I am amongst them. We can optimize the model, but the baseline now could be universal service for all, that we have to beat, in other words plug in local solutions that deliver better or more efficient results, in combination with a nationwide health and education safety net.
The Internet age has meant that gradually millions of people now know (what I spoke of in 2011 at great length) that we lead the world in incarceration and child poverty and income inequality, and that life expectancy is declining for many groups. That this inequality has become a cancer, deadening our national discourse through a shockingly warped corporate media. Once you have been to the “other side”, that is people talking about illegal renditions, wiretappings, corporate fraud, illegal invasions based on lies,


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