Arkansas Police Beat a Fifteen Year Old Who is Clearly Not Resisting

Full story:

This video, taken on New Years Eve 2017, shows two police officers in Farmington, Arkansas assaulting a 15 year old in the bathroom of a local “Kum & Go” convenience store.

According to the person who submitted this video: “The young man was in the bathroom of the popular convenience store, with his friend, when two police officers entered the bathroom and asked the young man what was in his pocket. Initially not wanting to admit that he had the pipe, the young man then admitted that it was a weed pipe to the law enforcement officers. When he went to pull the pipe out the police officers brutally threw the child against the wall and broke out his front tooth, all the while the kid is screaming in pain and declaring he isn’t resisting arrest. The officers continue to twist his arms and kneel on his back, even more brutally when the child loses his temper and calls them names after his tooth is knocked out and he is spouting blood everywhere.”

Regardless of the nature of the “crime” the teen was being arrested for, it’s pretty clear in the video that he is not capable of or even trying to resist the police during this arrest.


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